The Clark Bridge as it appeared in the mid 50's.
Funded by a bond-selling effort, the cost of the first Clark Bridge was $1.8 million. Construction started in July 1927 and the bridge was completed in July 1928, with the grand opening held on July 16.
Architectural drawing of the proposed bridge.
The new bridge will span 4,260 feet across the Mississippi at Alton, Il., replacing the current 65 year old bridge. The river averages 40 feet deep at the center of the channel. Constructuion on the bridge began in June of 1990.

Aerial view during construction, looking toward Alton, Illinois.
The new bridge is a "cable-stay" design, refering to the cables supporting the main span. The bridge required 8,100 tons of structural steel, 44,100 cubic yards of concrete and more than 160 miles of cable wraped with four acres of yellow plastic piping.

Construction on the Illinois side of the Mississippi River.
The total price tag for the new bridge is $118 million, which includes demolition of the old bridge.

Panoramic view of the new bridge under construction (in background), October '93.
Old bridge in foreground with traffic backed up at the intersection. The two pylons supporting the main span of the bridge rise 250 feet above the river.
Photo: Carl Timmins
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Demolition of the old Clark Bridge.
Photo: Carl Timmins

Clark bridge as it appears today.
The bridge was dedicated in January, 1994.
Day time photo: Bob Graul

Clark bridge as it appears today.
Night time photo: Bob Graul

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