Gordon Moore Park still packs some colorful surprises.

All eyes have been towards the River Road and the glorious colors of fall.
But our own Gordon Moore Park still packs a punch when it comes to showing it's colors.
Below are some photos taken at sunset in the park on October 25, 1998.
If you visit this week you can still catch the splendor of the Nan Elliot Rose Garden.

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Fall Colors
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Riverview Park

The Carillon House.
Located at the Rose Garden in Gordon Moore Park.

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Thousands or roses are still in bloom at the garden.

A wide variety of roses are grown.
Many of the bushes are over 5 feet tall and filled with hundreds of blooms.

Late blooming flowers dot the borders and walkways of the park.

The sunset fades to light blues and pale gold.
Sunset with the Carillon tower in the foreground.
The fall sunset echos the colors of the trees, with it's shades of yellow, gold and brown.

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